You can redeem a gift card via . On this page you can see an overview of the different gift cards that we offer.

* Gift card for subscriptions
Click on 'Gift card for subscriptions' and then enter the code of the gift card. A gift card for subscriptions has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 characters. Follow the further steps to create a personal account with which you can manage your deliveries. When you have completed all the steps, your gift card has been redeemed, the credit is in your account and you are ready to receive your flowers!

Do you already have an account with us? Login to the website and go to 'my credit' via 'my account'. Here you can enter the gift code at “Gift or promo code”. Then click on 'Enter'. The credit will appear in the account. Note: it is not possible to enter a gift code when a promotional code is already active in the account.

* Click on 'Digital gift card' and choose the product of your choice in the shop. You can then redeem digital gift cards by entering the code in the 'discount' field during the payment process. You can use the code until all your credit is used up (so you don't have to spend it in one go). Digital gift cards have 16 characters.